27y/o Tall Blonde Donor

by shaundon » 13 Jan 2020

Hi there,

I'm a 27 year old professional working in London. I am 6'1, blonde haired, blue eyed, excellent grades in school (all A*/A). I've always loved playing sports and excelled in football. I'm currently exploring my creative side and learning to make music. I would love to help anyone looking for a sperm donor so that they can become pregnant and have a child. Look forward to hearing from you!


by LeaRose » 17 Jan 2020

Hi shaun.
My main question for you is would you just be a donor or would you be looking to co parent.
I currently have a daughter who has a very rocky relationship with her father so I am looking to have a second child but to do it solely on my own.


by BA2020 » 19 Jan 2020


I’m new to this site. Are you looking to donate or coparent? I’m looking for a donor.


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