26 year old looking to co-parent

by s1t9e89 » 24 Jul 2016

26 year old lad looking for someone who is as passionate about being a parent as I am, I already look after one who isn't mine full time so I know what to expect... I'm hoping to be driving within the next few months so traveling within reason wouldn't be a problem and can get train in meantime ( currently in Manchester) get in touch if I sound like someone u would be interested in, thanks.

by Goodcore » 25 Oct 2016

I am very much interested and i would like to hear from you asap and have a chat. meanwhile, I'm quite active, healthy and good looking

by Ade4u » 18 Nov 2016

It sound like you are looking for my type of person. The good news is i dont mind relocating because if this. Please get back to me ASAP Thanks

by chloe20 » 01 Jan 2017

sounds good to me am intrested

by Penco » 17 May 2017

Hi, can i be that man. We all live in Manchester, so should brpretty good for us. Get in touch if u find me of uour interest. Thanks

by bayman » 21 May 2017


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