26 male from north wales looking co parent

by JRW93 » 15 Dec 2019

hi am jack, am 26 years old and live in north wales anglesey

by JRW93 » 19 Sep 2020

if anyone is still looking to co-parent i am ready and willing to go

by Nwales90 » 27 Sep 2020

Hello, I am looking I too am in north Wales. DM me

by Flycat » 29 Sep 2020

Hi Jack, are you still looking? I’m not in Wales, am in Oxfordshire with my young boy. I’m looking into options. Would you message, please, me so we can get a feel for if we are looking for similar outcomes? All the best x

by Kirstm93 » 01 Oct 2020

Hey Jack!
Just wondering whether you’d relocate if we were compatible? Give me a message to see what your thoughts are xx

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