26, Male 6ft 4, Mixed Race - Looking for female co-parent.

by JayP91 » 19 Nov 2017


I'm a 26 year old male, mixed race, 6ft 4' and degree educated. I'm mostly looking to co-parent but would be willing to donate if the female is able to support herself.

I am based in Peterborough but able to travel and own my home.

I have taken fertility tests in the last 12 months as I wanted assurances for myself. Fortunately I have very healthy and active sperm.

I have preference for AI but willing to contfibute to IVF Should you not be fortunate enough to have time on your side.

by Malou70 » 16 Feb 2018


I would be interesting.
Are you still looking for someone?
Please get in touch.


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