25yrold Caucasian Male looking to donate

by abig » 14 Jul 2010

I am a 6'0" College Student currently studying Information Technology. I was very active in sports during high school(4yrs ago). I am looking to become a doner, I have a very creative personality. I am willing to donate to couples as I feel they can provide for the child and give a more stable home life, I do not wish any involvement in raising the child, I am clean and disease free. I came to this decision because I myself do not wish to raise a child however I wish to help those who would like one of their own. I am willing to stick with you until you achieve a positive result. I would perfer natural conception without using fertility clinics I am Disease free with no genetic medical problems in my family.

I have
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
I am 6ft 0in, In Highschool I was active in many sports, and I competed in college level competitions for Information Technology in which I placed at the national level. I currently work in the IT industry and I am looking to donate to a loving couple in need.

If intrested please let me know I would rather not travel too far as I do work during the week however I will stick with you throughout the process to ensure you achive a positive pregnancy test result.

I am located in Ohio.

by DonnanB » 16 Sep 2010

I wish that you lived closer to Florida! Please take a look at our profile to let me know if we are a match. If so, i will try to arrange time off work during an upcoming ovulation cycle to travel to your area. We would love to see photos, feel free contact us *********
Donna and Bob

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