22 year old female looking to co parent

by Toria95 » 23 Jul 2018

A little background because that’s always good. I’ve not long come out of a marriage that was a huge mistake. I was stupid and thought I had found the right person for me however I couldn’t have been more wrong if I tried. We wanted completely different things in life. He didn’t want a family and me that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

I want my little bundle of joy. I want to watch my belly grow and feel the kicks. I want to be there for first everything including steps.
Am I young? Yes I am but I’m ready. I don’t need a baby but I want one more than anything.
It seems that I can’t send any messages on here without a subscription so if you are interested then please let me know.
Thank you xx

by Gagne200 » 12 Aug 2018

HiIm interested to be coperenting

by super771 » 20 Aug 2018

Hi Gagne

Just i came through your ad, I am in the same situation that i dont have ny kids at the moment
Would you be interested to discuss in more details coparenting.
I will appreciate if you get in touch.


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