20 Year old Female Wrexham/North Wales area looking for done

by Dominels » 18 Mar 2018

20 year old female looking for a sperm doner in the Wrexham/North Wales area. No particular preference, as long as the individual is fit and healthy.

by Oceans » 23 Mar 2018

Hi, I am a healthy, reliable, man,45.
I have 2 kids from past relationships.
I have a clean bill of health generally and sexually.
I can travel, or accommodate.
Please message me back, if you are interested.
Thanks, Julian.

by troy04 » 28 Mar 2018


i'm 32 yo Italian very nice boy, thin, 173 cm, fit gym every week and cycle every day.
really attractive, i can help you, i can sign a contract where will write all details. Cut any contact or liability would be better
Pi or Ni only.

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