Tips for new mums on cleaning their baby’s toys
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Every mum will be aware that babies and small children love to explore. This curiosity often leads to them sticking anything they can get their hands on in their mouths, especially toys, no matter where they have been! Often they are a dream for germs and though they are often harmless, they can still potentially spread the risk of sickness, flu etc. With this, it is important to regularly clean their toys. Here are 10 tips for new mums on cleaning their baby’s toys:

  • Regularly clean your baby’s toys. Seems obvious? With them in their explorative phase, you’d be amazed where these toys can end up…
  • Cleaning toys – using soap and warm water, this washes away dirt and grime.
  • Disinfecting toys – this will kill most germs on their toys and prevents them reproducing.
  • Always clean toys before disinfecting.
  • Try and use natural methods of cleaning – bleach is a potent solution that is fantastic at killing toxins. It is also a poison that can cause harm to your baby. For a natural alternative, mix water with white vinegar to create a safe cleaning product.
  • Avoid antibacterial soaps – they aren’t necessary and the natural ones are just as good. Also, don’t used ones that contain plastic microbeads, they are harmful to the environment.
  • Alternative to surface cleaner – these can be dangerous if sprayed into an infant’s eyes. Mix water and lemon juice to create a safe and effective surface cleaner.
  • Fabric toys – these can almost always be put in the washing machine and then air-dried.
  • Plastic/wooden toys – they spend most of their time in babies’ mouths… But white vinegar and water solution will quickly ensure they are clean.
  • Use these tips all over the house to create a healthier and less toxic environment for your baby to grow up in.