There are a wide range of specialist co-parenting dating websites available when you’re looking to find the perfect co-parent or sperm donation partner. The slight faux pas is that the word dating doesn’t really fit as it’s very rare that people looking to co-parent get involved in a physical relationship with each other.

Using a Co-Parenting Dating Website?

Co-parenting dating websites are very similar to standard dating websites with the added twist that all people on the site should share the same desire to have a child. The majority of people’s profiles will provide detailed information about their background and how they hope to be involved with a potential child in the future.

To sign up for a co-parenting website you can simply register your details and ensure you include all your preferences and usually a photograph. Once you input your preferences the majority of sites will generate specialised lists of other profiles which ‘match’ yours as closely as possible. The men or women included in this list should be those who would fit best with your ideal co-parent image.

Once your signed up you may also receive messages from others when you have popped up in their matches list and it’s from here you can begin chatting and getting to know the people on the website and truly deciding if any of them could be the person you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found the special person then you can begin to safely organise meetings and discuss the longer term relationship and legalities that arise from agreeing to have a child together. It may sound quite clinical but the initial spark of interest should be there to ensure you and your chosen match can comfortably work together to bring up a child.