Many women are still afraid of having a child on their own and fear the reactions of their family and friends. Family and friends will belabour the difficulties inherent in bringing up a child on your own and will advise waiting until the ‘real thing comes along’. That said, co-parenting is not necessarily a default choice; more often than you think this decision is made after in depth soul searching.

I have not found the future father of my children with a coparenting

Women talk about this a lot, and what comes out of their conversations is that either they have not found the man who suited them, or their partner already has children and doesn’t want any more, however their biological clock is ticking. For them, co-parenting may seem a default choice. In fact, their desire to have children is so great that they are willing to try anything to finally become a mother. It is therefore a very real decision, based on mature reflection, and not a default choice at all! The commitment is far too great for such a term to be used.

Co-Parenting: I have decided to have this baby alone

Then, there are those women for whom the type of decision is not even debatable. “I’m 39 years old, I have been dedicated to my career and others, now I want to slow down and live the most beautiful experience of my life.” It is a real and mature decision: to conceive and raise a child alone.