There is so much more to being a donor than some would ever imagine, however it is from what angle you approach and take your view from that matters. What leads someone to becoming a donor?


So, what happens once you’ve handed over your sample, shut the door and walked away? what are the feelings associated with being a sperm donor/ being a father? being anonymous? helping the unable?

Jo (31) from London said “I was in a place in my life where I wanted to do something that would make a difference to someones life, my sister had struggled with her partner for years to concieve, it was hard and they couldn’t reach a decision on which way to turn. They found a donor through a recommended agency and decided to give it a go, they kept in touch with their donor and discovered the process in which they were to have their daughter ‘Tilly’ would still be magical if not so traditional. I spectated over the process and saw that what that donor had done was change a life, change our family for the better and taken a pain away, though what would he feel like in the years to come and what would Tilly feel like? would either be able to deal with the consequences of this good deed?”

“My answer was I don’t know, though it gave me a sense of wasting, a realisation of what I was wasting, my sperm. My sperm was available, I wasn’t in a relationship where it would make a difference and my personal experiences had led me to make the decision that I wanted to become a donor.”

Once my journey had began and I was making changes to peoples lives I found a self gratification and sense of what I was giving. Once I had made my donations I walked away and knew that I could make a difference. I had given people without opportunities – hope.

Ultimately it is down to your personal experiences which lead you to becoming a donor or not. For many, it’s a scary and unconnected role – to which they wouldn’ t be a part of. Though for some it’s a choice that with much consideration is the right one for them. The possibility of not knowing whether you walk past your child in a future shopping mall or speak with your grandchild at a bar one day is an oddity and a comfort rolled into one.

Whether the possibility of passing the closest of strangers fills you with sadness or joy, the answer will be clear if it is right for you. There are many questions to be answered within sperm donation and this is just one side of a remarkable journey that could be waiting for you and your family.