“She had a baby alone …” How can you become a parent through co-parenting when you’re single or a gay couple?

Co-parenting is a personal process of finding a co-parent on a dating site in order to become parents and share the rights and duties with regard to the unborn child. Thus, singles can satisfy their often very strong desire for a child, even if they are not part of a couple or in the case of a gay couple (gay parenting).
baby alone

The level of involvement of the donor or the surrogate mother will be freely determined by the co-parents. This arrangement may even take the form of an agreement to protect the status of the step-parent. The “Charter of shared parenting” distributes the rights and responsibilities of biological or social parents and is approved by the Family Court Judge who would be referred to in case of disputes.

A couple of women can find a donor and one of them will become the mother of the child, they may request that the donor does not get involved in the child’s life but the woman who did not give birth will not be recognized as a mother unless this is certified by a charter of co-parenting.

You should know that sperm donation and adoption are reserved for heterosexual couples and adoption of a spouse’s child is only possible within the context of marriage. Thus the only way to become parents through co-parenting remains to find a donor or a surrogate mother on a dating site for parents such as Coparents.co.uk. Insemination and pregnancy can then be performed in a country with more advanced legislation.