Top Tips to Write Your Sperm Donor Profile and Attract Potential Recipients

Whether you’re writing a profile for a platform that connects wannabe parents with donors or for a sperm bank, it’s important to take the time to write your sperm donor profile. This may not seem like a particularly vital task when seen in the context of the entire donation process. Nonetheless, it remains a significant step that will help aspiring parents to decide whether or not they want to contact you.

Writing an ad about yourself may seem slightly daunting and rather intimate. Some might even fear the blank page or worry about writing something silly. It’s normal to be wracked with doubt and wondering things like ‘What shall I write or avoid?’ or ‘How can I attract aspiring parents?’ Don’t worry too much though – we’ve got it covered! Here are our top tips to help you write a great sperm donor profile.


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Choose your username carefully

If you want to donate your sperm via a platform dedicated to sperm donation, and not a sperm bank, you’ll be asked to choose a username (just like with any dating site). It’s best to keep things short and simple, and as a result, memorable. It goes without saying that you should avoid anything that sounds sexual or flirty. Also avoid using your full name (first name + family name). Instead you could, for example, just use your first name and add the town you live in or an adjective that describes you well.

If you’re donating via a sperm bank, you probably won’t need a pseudonym.

What to include in your personal profile

Your profile should describe briefly who you are and what you’re looking for. This must be concise and honest, so make sure that you highlight the right elements and aspects of your life and character that show people why they should choose you and not another donor. They need to see rapidly whether you’re the right sperm donor for them before they click on someone else’s profile.

To write a good profile, you should include in your ad:

  • What you’re looking for

Do you want to remain anonymous or to keep in contact after the birth of the child? How do you want the donation to take place (via natural insemination or artificial insemination, etc.)? This information should be in your profile in order to assure that you’re contacted only by aspiring parents who share the same expectations as you.

  • Why did you become a donor?

Most aspiring parents feel reassured knowing why their donor is willing to help other people have a baby. So don’t hesitate to tell your story (briefly) and explain your motivations for donating.

  • Your education and job

When they search for a donor, wannabe parents often have tons of criteria and ideals concerning the person who is going to change their life, as well as how their child will be and look. Your career, qualifications, and skills is the kind of information that could help them to understand a bit more about who you are.

Therefore, depending on how many words you can write in your ad, you should talk about your educational background and what you do for a living.

  • Your hobbies

Some parents like the idea of telling stories about their donor to their future child. So, they would be happy to know more about you! What are your passions? Do you have hobbies? Many aspiring parents search for someone who shares the same interests. Don’t hesitate to talk a bit about what you like doing.

  • Your personality

What are your best qualities and some things that you’d like to change about yourself? Are you someone kind and always willing to help people? Are you shy, sensitive or stubborn? Do you have a good sense of humour? Recipients love knowing more about the personality of the person who is helping them to become parents. This way they can also picture how their child might be.

  • Where are you situated?

Your location is also crucial in your search for recipients. Indicating where you live will help you to connect with someone living nearby, or people willing to make travel arrangements.

Choose the right picture

If you’re registering with a platform like, you will be asked to upload a profile picture. It’s often not a requirement, however, it’s highly recommended, as most people tend to trust profiles with photos more than those without. Remember that aspiring parents are looking for someone trustworthy and reliable, so try to do everything possible to reassure them.

If you’re adding a picture, take the time to choose the right one. It should be of good quality, recent and with enough light. Be careful not to have anything that block your eyes, such as sunglasses or hair. People must be able to see your face clearly. It’s also best to select a head-and-shoulders, or head-to-waist photo. Last tip: choose a picture where you are alone and wearing an outfit that shows you at your best (don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit!).

Pay attention to your spelling

This may not seem important to you, however, people can judge someone’s profile very quickly based simply on their spelling. For many, someone with good grammar equals someone educated and responsible, while spelling mistakes and punctuation errors can turn off potential recipients who might see this as a lack of care and education.

Of course, we know that bad spelling is not an indicator that a person isn’t smart. However, you can improve your chances of finding aspiring parents simply by being careful and having someone proofread your profile once it’s written. Just remember that it’s not only what you write that matters, it’s also how you write it.

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