10 Unique Ways to Announce That You’re Pregnant

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, don’t announce the big news like everyone else. Be creative and make this event even more memorable than it is already! If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of our favourite ways to announce baby’s arrival to family and friends.

Announce it with a puzzle

Let’s play a little, shall we? Give your partner, your friend, or your parents a puzzle that, when completed, reads “I’m having a baby” or “You’re going to be a daddy”. Don’t forget to take pictures to preserve this wonderful moment!

A bun in the oven

This one is a classic, but still very effective! Invite your family over for dinner and place an actual bun in your oven. You can write the word “baby” on it with sauce or icing if you want. When your loved ones arrive, ask them to check what’s cooking. Keep your camera close to make sure you record their reaction.


We are Pregnant a message written in the sand

Tell them on a tee-shirt

You have another child? Make them wear a tee-shirt that says “I’m going to be a big sister” or “time being an only child expires in October”. Then you just to need to wait for your parents or grandparents to notice what’s written. If you don’t find a tee-shirt with the right writing, that’s no problem. You can easily order some with your own message printed on them on the internet.

Say it with a fortune cookie

Replace the usual message hidden in the fortune cookie with one that you’ve written yourself. You could say something like: “Baby in tummy, makes life yummy” or “You will meet an important person this February”. When you’re ready to spread the news, invite your family or friends for dinner and offer them their cookie at the end of the meal. You can’t be much clearer than that!

Record your baby’s heartbeat

This idea is great if can’t announce your pregnancy in person. Make a video or a soundtrack of you and your partner hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Send it to your parents or friends and tell them that this is a song you’d love them to hear. Wait for their reaction!

Make a video announcement

Better than a phone call or a card: reveal the big news in a video! If you need inspiration, you’ll find plenty of ideas for a pregnancy announcement on YouTube. You could, for example, create a visual puzzle where each word or syllable is represented by a picture on a sheet of paper (for instance, if you want to say: “I’m pregnant”, draw an eye on the first sheet to represent the “I”).

You could also record your partner’s reaction when you tell him/her that you are pregnant. Then, upload the video on YouTube, send it to your friends, and wait for them to work out what’s going on. Be creative!

Make use of the ultrasound picture

A simpler but cute idea is to send the ultrasound picture by mail or message to your friends and family. If you want to be a bit more original, make a copy of the ultrasound picture and then replace the bookmark of the book they’re reading with it. Surprise!

Plan a game night

Ask your family or friends to come over for a nice game night at your place. Get Pictionary out and, when it’s your turn, draw a pregnant woman and wait for everyone to guess. This also works well with Scrabble: grab a handful of tiles and spell out “I’m pregnant” or “Mom-to-be” on the board.

Cook a baby dinner

Tell your partner (or friends) you’re cooking dinner tonight. Baby carrots, baby peas, tiny cupcakes: all foods on the menu must be little or related to babies. Pick out a nice playlist and opt for songs that have the word “baby” in them. If, despite all your hints, your partner, friends or family still don’t catch on, finish the meal by writing “Baby’s on the way” on one of the cupcakes with icing. They’ll love the surprise!

Additionally, now that you’re expecting, you may need to be careful about what you can and cannot eat during pregnancy.

Write it in your shower

If you don’t mind being patient, write the big news on your shower door or your bathroom mirror with your finger. When your partner takes a shower, they will see the message appear.

Ultimately, there are as many ways to announce your baby’s arrival are there are pregnancies. It’s entirely up to you whether you keep it simple or get a little bit more creative. So, what’s your plan? How are you going to announce you’re pregnant?

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