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Whether you have been able to have a child against the odds, or have donated semen to help this dream happen, we love hearing about your experiences.

Because of this, we decided to invite users to share their stories to help encourage and inform others who have an interest as a prospective mother, sperm donor or co-parent.

We conducted a short questionnaire – which you can still take part in here, as well as inviting you to contact us with your story. Below, we’ve gathered some of our favourite responses so far.

“I Was Looking For A Sperm Donor”

Almost half of our respondents used CoParents to find the right donor. Some of the most popular traits they looked for in a candidate were:

• Good values (44%)
• Educated/Intelligent (33%)
• Healthy (22%)

When asked how the women came to the decision to use a particular candidate, answers included:

“It was easy. He was gorgeous and he could spell properly! He didn’t ask for a picture and his reasons were trustworthy” – Jenny

“He was helpful and provided so much information, health history, IQ etc.” – Sharon

“He was exactly the right kind of person I was looking for, and was doing this for completely altruistic reasons” – Tamara

“We clicked right away” - Katy

So how did they feel when they had found the right person?

“It felt right – cannot explain any more than that!” – Martha

“Over the moon!” – Katy

Why did they use CoParents?

When searching for sperm donors, the primary purpose that women turned to us was due to the costs of using other means such as directly through a sperm bank (66%).

Other motivations included that using the site was simply much easier than going through a clinic, and there was a significantly better chance of conceiving.

All respondents said they would recommend us to others in their situation.

“I found the most wonderful donor on this site! He is smart, handsome, kind and simply amazing!” – Jessica

“I have found a great donor who is going to help me conceive! Thank you for this wonderful site” - Laura

“I Donated Sperm”

Of the participants who used CoParents to supply sperm, 75% of the men have donated more than once to site users.Some of the reasons for contributing included:

“To help a childless woman become a mother for the first time” – Phoenix

“To be able to help someone fulfil their dreams of being a parent” – Steve

100% of the men agreed that they would recommend donating to others through CoParents due to the ability to:

• Give the gift of life to others
• The rewarding experience of finding the right person to give to
• Meeting the recipients
• Getting to know people with common goals

What did they think of using our site?

“It’s a more discreet service and an opportunity to meet potential matches” – Richard

“Thank you for your great service. I have met some wonderful people on here” – Matty

“I have helped 3 families…It has been a wonderful experience” - Harold

“I Wanted To Co-Parent”

For those that were looking for someone to co-parent with, there was a 50/50 split between women looking for a father figure for their child and vice versa.

How did they find the experience?

60% of co-parents found the process of finding the right partner either very easy or somewhat easy.

“Wonderful, we are thinking about marriage” - Amanda

“I’m very happy with the service in general and all the possibilities it offers. Hopefully I have found a donor – co-parent!” - Earths

New To CoParents?

We understand that it’s never an easy decision to make when it comes to deciding which route to take when natural conception is off the table. We hope that these stories aid in making the choice that much easier.

If you want to come and get to know our members today, you can sign up here.


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